60MM Radial Bearings


Works with ANY 60mm Coilover on the market today. From FD drift cars to Rockcrawling to your modest daily. This is what you need!


20 in stock (can be backordered)


The End Of Coil Bind!

Maintenance Free Design
Virtually WaterProof | DustProof
Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
Created in Bend Oregon
Patent Pending

In order to assist the upper spherical bearing on McPherson style suspension where the entire shock turns with the wheel, our Radial Adapter eliminates any sort of spring “POP” noise as the wheel turns left to right, commonly known as Spring Binding. We have designed a drop-in and forget solution to a common issue in the coil spring market today. The position and design of a common spherical bearing make a perfect target zone for rust and debris to eventually cause bearing failure. Our 2-piece 60mm Radial Adapter sits just below the common coil spring. Use of a high quality AXK Needle Bearing has many advantages used individually or in union with a common upper spherical bearing. The main advantage applies to maintenance. Our Adapter is virtually waterproof which makes dealing with cleaning, re-greasing and constant disassembly a thing of the past.

Universal! All common brands of coilovers share a similar spring perch so we designed our Radial Adapter to install directly over any 60mm spring perch. In its design is a small lip at the top, which works in conjunction with dust boots. Simply slip the dust boot over the integrated lip and secure by zip-tie, further eliminating debris from our bearing.

One and Done! Install and forget, something rare in the aftermarket automotive field.

No Spring Binding, Ever!

Preloading springs has never been easier! As you raise the spring perch our bearing spins freely allowing suspension tuning to be a much ‘Wrist-Friendlier’ experience.

A Virtually Waterproof and Dustproof design means maintenance is far out of mind. Using a detailed design with integrated o-rings the bearing will keep its lubricants in place and everything else out. However, if the time comes we do sell a ‘Refresher Package’.

Reduced Wear. By easing the Gyroscopic Effect these bearings reduce the wear on other key suspension components. Let the rest of your suspension do the heavy lifting!

Predictable steering with a lighter feel. Yes this means you manual rack drivers. How does a mechanical advantage sound to your arms? They will thank you, trust us.

Keep in mind cars that have been lowered beyond their performance abilities may encounter a height issue with our 60mm Radial Adapters. These stand 20mm tall, if your set of coilovers does not allow the perch to drop that distance, we suggest sourcing shorter springs or changing to an ‘Extreme Low’ type shock.



Bc Racing

Fortune Auto

Parts Shop Max (PBM)




Needs Collar Trimming:

Raceland (Ultimo) 1.5MM off the top

Faction Fab (F-Spec)

Gears Racing

Will Not Fit:

Toytec (Welded TopHat)

maXpeedingrods (Enlarged Shock Body)